Cuisinart is a full-service culinary company that offers a wide range of kitchen appliances for both professional and home chefs. Cuisinart have been a standard bearer for kitchen appliances since they introduced their first food processor at a Paris exhibit in 1971.
Cuisinart product line includes Specialty Kitchen Appliances, Countertop & Small Kitchen Appliances, Air fryers, Bakeware, Handheld and standing blenders. Cuisinart’s mission is to make cooking easier, more fun, and more expressive for people with a passion for great food.

Electrly, founded in 2015, aims to provide the most intelligent and convenient EV charging solution for all drivers and industries.
Electrly offer a comprehensive lineup of EV charging products, including portable chargers, level 2 AC chargers, DC fast chargers, power modules, and more. Electrly has worked across with brands like Panasonic, BYD, Shell and more.
But Electrly never stop striving for progress and excellence by constantly adapting to changing customer preferences and new technologies. This ensures that Electrly continue to optimize the performance and features of our chargers for an unparalleled charging experience.